Buchhorn from Braunschweig to Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

A Karl Buchhorn who is mentioned on the passenger lists of Ellis Island was born in Börnecke (Blankenburg) on 20 Feb 1894. He lived in Braunschweig many years and did work as carpenter.

  New Jersey, USA
Karl Buchhorn im Hyde Park in New York

Karl Buchhorn (standing) and Hermann Schrader from Peine in the Central Park of New York.

The family from which he descended was:
Hermann Gustav Karl Buchhorn
∗ 07 Dec 1870, Blankenburg
† 22 Aug 1922, Bad Harzburg
married with
∞ 03 Apr 1892, Börnecke
Johanne Dorothee Frederike Marie Heinecke
∗ 15 Dec 1871, Börnecke
† 1942, Bettingerode
The children were:
Helene Buchhorn ∗ 04 Jul 1892, Blankenburg † 1974, Wolfsburg
Friedrich Ludwig Karl Buchhorn ∗ 20 Feb 1894, Börnecke † 1974, Braunschweig
Hermann Buchhorn ∗ 22 Nov 1895, Heudeber
Anna Buchhorn ∗ 24 Feb 1899, Blankenburg † 1968, Liebenburg
Walter Buchhorn ∗ 21 Aug 1900, Blankenburg

Carl Buchhorn im Central Park in New York

The wedding photo of Hermann und Berta Buchhorn. Berta was a born Schrader from Stederdorf and Hermann was a brother of Karl Buchhorn. Karl is standing with a bottle in his hand above the bride. On the left side of the bride sits Marie Buchhorn. The daughters Helene und Anna are left from her.

Karl was 29 years old as he arrived Ellis Island on 27 November 1923. He was a passenger on the ship "Resolute" what started the journey in Hamburg. His destination was New Jersey. His cousin Paul Froese already lived in America and his address was the Asbury Avenue at Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Karl's wife Sophie Buchhorn lived at Wendenring 17 in Braunschweig und was born in Essenrode (Lehre) on 10 March 1894. She arrived New York on the ship "Stuttgart" on 07 February 1925. Also her destination was Asbury Park in New Jersey. That Karl lived there is more than probable. Sophie's father was Albert Perschke und so is she a born Perschke.
Unfortunately, Karl and Sophie are like swallowed by the earth. Even in the U. S. Census of 1930, in which they should appear inevitable, was nothing to find. So did I took a closer look at the Froese family. The database of Ellis Island also offers abundant information about that family.
Paul Max Alexander Froese emigrated together with his wife Anna, a born Perschke (!!!!), to the USA. They arrived New York on 19 September 1909. Paul Froese was 27 years old and Anna 18 years. Both were born in Lichtfelde in Eastprussia (Hmmmm?). The contact person in Germany was Paul's father Jacob Froese at Sandhof, Westprussia, probably district Marienburg. Unfortunately, the entries on the passenger lists are hardly to read and consequently is Paul und Anna's last residence only a guess. It could be Linenthal or even completely different.
Anna birth to a son on 13 May 1910. Harry Froese. Harry lived until his dead in September 1980 in Belmar, not far away from Asbury Park but also in New Jersey.
Paul und Anna's destination in America was Paul's brother-in-law Johann Perschke at Asbury Park. Anna's brother? Johann Perschke emigrated to America in 1906. He arrived New York on 19 October 1906. His last residence was Berlin but was also born in Lichtfelde (Could it be Lichterfelde in Berlin?).

Paul Froese and his family are mentioned in the US census of 1920:
Paul Froese
∗ 1882, Germany
Anna Froese
∗ 1891, Germany
Residence of the family:
Neptune, Monmouth
New Jersey, USA
The children were:
Harry O. Froese ∗ 1911, New Jersey, USA
Erna Froese ∗ 1915, New Jersey, USA

It is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, here again my question: Who knows more?

And again, an addendum. Johann Perschke traveled at least twice to Germany.
The ship "Graf Waldersee" cast off in Hamburg harbour on 22 September 1910 to reach New York on 22 September 1910. On board was the 32 years old Johann Perschke. His destination was his brother-of-law Paul Froese who lived in 404 ??? (Street is unreadable. Could be Main Street.) in Asbury Park, New Jersey. As reason for his travel did he state his father Ferdinand Perschke from Rosenthal (Westprussia?). In that passenger list is Johann Perschke marked as "Non Immigrant Alien". So no emigrant.
He returned again from a travel to his homeland on 29 May 1923. He started his return to the USA in Hamburg harbour on 19 May 1923, but at this time as crew member of the ship "Mongolia". He is stated as "Assistant Steward".

After a long stagnation in the search for the faith of Karl Buchhorn and Sophie Perschke brought a visit of the city archives of Blankenburg and the city directoties of Braunschweig further information. The first entry of Karl Buchhorn is to find in the city directories of 1908. He lived at this time with his parents and siblings in the Hildesheim Street 3c. The address changed in the year of 1909. They lived in Rebenring 16. Im Jahr 1911 bezog die Familie eine Wohnung in der Hamburger Straße 11a. Diese Adresse galt bis 1918 mit kleinen Unterbrechungen. Karl was a craftsman and he followed an old traditon and went on "Walz". He lived also in Vorsfelde, Hildesheim, Hanover and the Ruhr area. The documents of the residents' registration office confirm that.
The next entry we can find is from the year 1923. His address was Wendenring 17. Im November 1923 did he emigrate to the USA. Also to find is he in the year of 1924. His wife Sophie did live in the flat. For 1925 is no entry available. Sophie followed his husband into the USA in January 1925. His parents went back to the Harz area to Gut Radau near Bad Harzburg were they ran a small grocery shop and a restaurant. Father Gustav died after a short time. Marie couldn't stay alone in Gut Radau and so must move her son Hermann to that village.

In the city directory of the year of 1931 is again a carpenter Karl Buchhorn to find. As it turned out later is that Karl our emigrant. So did he came back to Germany. He lived in Wendenring 22.
Karl lived at this address unti 1962 and then in the following years in the Tannhäuser Street 26. His occupation between 1932 and 1936 was merchant and back to carpenter in 1937. He is listed as retired in 1969/70 and later. The last entry in the city directories can be found in the edition of 1974/75. Karl died in the year of 1974, what was also confirmed by the city archives of Blankenburg.
What happened to Sophie could unfortunately not be found. On the register form is her name crossed out and marked with an "E. R." (Own register form?) It's possible that she stayed in America. The entry on her own register form stops with her emigration to America.

Wendenring 17
Wendenring 17
Wendenring 22
Wendenring 22
Tannhäuserstr. 26
Tannhäuser Street 26

Unfortunately do we know nothing about Sophie. Therefore, again and again . . . Who knows more?

Huge thanks to Mrs. Bette M. Epstein. Mrs. Epstein is a member of the New Jersey State Archives and could provide a lot of information.
My gratitude also goes to Mr. Kurt Wolter. His roots are closely linked to the Buchhorns from Blankenburg. He was kind enough to provide the pictures of Karl Buchhorn.

Wolfgang Buchhorn 18. Juli 2014