The    Genealogy of the Buchhorn family    and everything what can be told apart from that.

It is very nice to meet you here on my homepage.

My name is Wolfgang Buchhorn and I live in Braunschweig, Germany. I was born on February 20, 1956. I am married to Andrea and we have a grown-up daughter.

Wolfgang, Andrea and Julia

It was the year of 1990 as my grandmother passed away and we found in her cupboard a small box with old documents. We were surprised. Birth certificates of some ancestors and we were much more surprised as we found out that our roots were lying in Eastprussia. The first curiosity was emerged. Now, 20 years later, became the curiosity an illness. First together with my father, he passed away 2008, did I caught the virus of genealogy. Incurable as I think.
A small family research became to a worldwide Buchhorn research in the meantime. A lot of information about Buchhorn, Buchorn, Buckhorn or Bockhorn could be collected by the help of kind family researchers or members of a Buchhorn family. But also church registers or registration files have brought much exiting knowledge about the Buchhorn family tree.
In case you also belong to the Buchhorns or you have Buchhorns in your family circle, it would be very pleasing for me to get a message from you . . . or use my guestbook. Thanks a lot.


So, I guess I told you all required things and it's time to wish you fun with my page.

My FamilyMy familytree with pictures.
Buchhorn WorldwideBuchhorns in Germany and foreign countries.
EmigrantsMany Buchhorns left their home to find their luck in other countries.
RemembranceMany Buchhorns became victims of hate, war, flight and expulsion.
The Counts of BuchhornDo you know Otto?
DownloadHundreds of Buchhorns in lists.
FriedrichshafenOnly a few know the close relation between Friedrichshafen and the name Buchhorn.
Buchhorn VillagesBeside Friedrichshafen exist some more places with the name Buchhorn.
BartensteinMy ancestors came from this town and surrounding villages.
Questions!There's a much still to find out.
WaterA seafare makes fun.
Bewitched!Buchhorn and the Fasnacht.
Links!Internet pages which helped in my research.

Private things
TravelsSomebody who travels can tell a lot.
Yi's WorldA young Chinese tells about her homeland by pictures.
FriendsPeople who accompanied my life.
The 20th of FebruaryThe 20th of February wasn't a boring day.